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Can you help us to relieve the poverty in Western Kenya by making a small donation?

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It is always extremely difficult to convey the effects of extreme poverty on communities and what this equates to in absolute terms without having witnessed it for oneself. We hope that with these few examples and photos we might be able to appeal to you to support our charity's activities which you can do by sending us a donation however small.  We are a direct action charity and all our grants go directly to our beneficiaries.

Our registered charity address can found in Contact Us. Any donation which is supported by one of the Gift Aid forms above will allow us to reclaim tax from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs at 25 pence for every pound given if you are UK tax payer.  You can make a donation directly to our bank account using the following details:-

                 Name of account: THE GEOFF AND DIANNAH CHARITABLE TRUST, Sort Code: 20-73-48, Account: 63951448, Reference: DONATION

  • With a typical wage of £1.50 a day most families can only afford to eat meat on one or two occasions each year. The daily diet of Ugali made from ground maize and water is all that is normally available.

  • A school uniform costing 1/2 week's wages at £4 is a passport to an 8 year education in primary school for an orphan. In recent years the Kenyan Government has made primary education free for all but a prerequisite is a school uniform.

  • A young milking cow heifer for a community would only cost £120

  • A new well or harvested water scheme or protected natural spring which would provide water for a whole community would only cost between £2500 and £3000.

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